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Does your car have any of the following problems?

  • Vibration?
  • Squealing when Braking?
  • Humming or other Noise when Braking?
  • Pedal Falling away?
  • No Brakes at all?
  • Solid Brake Pedal and Hard to Stop?
  • Brakes Sticking?
  • Worn out 1 Brake Pad only?
  • Poor Hand Brake?
  • Just Need a Brake Pad Change/Replacement Service?

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The Mobile Brake Service that comes to you - Brake Pad Replacement, Machine Brake Discs and even change Master Cylinders

Mobile Brake Pad Service

This is a Mobile Service where we come to you at your Home/work or other location where there is an electrical point available.  We Replace your old and worn Brake Pads, Machine your Brake Rotors and Service your Calipers. We Use High Quality Parts for the Best Results.

Brake Disc Machining

Machining your Brake Rotors is recommended for many reasons - like Preventing the squeal or even Humming through vibration of the Glazed Surface of your rotors. This can make any normal trip very frustrating. 

Machining your Rotors will not only allow your New Brake Pads to Bed in together but remove the Other frustrations that could be there as well. 

This will give you much happier driving experience every time.

Modifications & Upgrades

We also do Brake Upgrade Kits. These are for any vehicle, to even double or triple the Braking capacity of what you already have!

We Have 6 Piston Caliper Systems, Specialty Rotors which are slotted and Grooved for Cooling under extreme conditions. When these Upgrades are Done everything is taken into account! For your model of vehicle this Brake Upgrade will be Custom Adapted and checked under laboratory condition for the Ultimate Results!.

Brake System Flush

As brake fluid absorbs more contaminants its ability to do its job of stopping your car is greatly diminished. Most owners' manual will specify that brake fluid should be replaced almost every year. This is also to stop the swelling of Brake Hoses and damage to the Master Cylinder and other moving parts of the Braking System!

About A1 Aussie Brake Services

Here at A1 Aussie Brake Services we pride ourselves in only giving you high quality work at the best prices. If there is nothing wrong with your car, we will be completely honest with you and we won't do any work. We are your locally owned mobile brake service, and we are hear to help you with all of your brake needs.

We have a very unique service where we will come to you , which will help you save time and money. This means you will not have to be without your car for an entire day when it is most needed. Most people do not enjoy taking their car to a mechanic. With us, you won't have to worry about this!

We offer Brake Pad Replacement, Machine your Master Cylinder.

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